Lakelands Irrigation

Conserving precious water is everyone's responsibility. An efficient, automatic sprinkler system will minimize your water consumption for responsible water management, lower water bills, increase property values, perceive the investment in your landscape and save you time and effort!

Lakelands Irrigation is a certified irrigation contractor, extensively trained, familiar with up-to-date technology, knowledge about local electrical and plumbing codes and committed to earning your trust.

Only professionals in the Irrigation business can offer you maximum performance year after year, allowing you to reap the benefits of an irrigation system.

Using only the finest, most technologically advanced and proven irrigation products available, we guarantee quality products, quality workmanship and quality service. There is simply no substitute for the quality and after-sale support we can offer you.

With a custom-designed sprinkler system, each area of your landscape will be fitted with the proper water-saving sprinklers and spray heads. A timer will turn the system on and off – automatically on a predetermined schedule. All plumbing, pumps and back-flow prevention work is installed and inspected by our own licensed plumber.

We are available to answer any of your questions or concerns - (705) 739-9000

Earle Graham, Owner